Museum tours in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Vermeer Lady in Blue with an x-ray of the same area.

Rijksmuseum (incl. Vermeer, Rembrandt, Hals, and much more)

Rijksmuseum exhibition on Cape of Good Hope, Feb-May

Van Gogh Museum  (Vincent and the Impressionists)

Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art  (All art and design after 1900 until now)

Rembrandt House, his own studio.

Maritime Museum  (A full-size ship and much more)

Royal Palace / Town Hall  (Ego-building Extravaganza in marble)

Old and New Church + Our Lord in the Attic  (Two Gothic buildings in a growing city)

Amsterdam (Historic) Museum

Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum

Bonus: Three Rijksmuseum Specialty tours. each lasting about 2 hours.

  1. Dr Fritz Mannheimer as a Fine Art collector, 1400 items now in the Rijksmuseum.
  2. Christian Mediaeval Art and later Christian art. How faith permeated all aspects of daily life (on this page).
  3. Enjoy world-class Applied Art including top-class furniture, goldsmithing, crystal work, and Delft Blue.

Amsterdam and elsewhere: VIP  museum visits for Museum Patrons and Board members

All tours are by Drs Kees Kaldenbach, a professional Art History scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Fine art and Design, Architecture and History. Entry is quickest from 9 to 11 AM.

Specialist in Fine art and Design, Architecture and History. VIP entry.

Drs Kees Kaldenbach: „…he is wildly overqualified to be a guide . That is his secret… Trust me on this.” Gabe. Statement made February, 2017.