Marten, owned by Rijksmuseum and Oopjen, owned by the Louvre. Both will always be exhibited together.

All Rembrandts Rijksmuseum 2019. VIP entry with an art historian


Main entrance hall, downstairs. If you do NOT have a ticket, this white desk may be of service. No guarantees!


Book a visit with your outstanding academic private guide, Drs Kees Kaldenbach.  Exhibition is open ONLY from 15 February 2019 to Saturday 15 June 2019.

This important exhibition All Rembrandts at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam works with restricted and  limited entrance block times. Each slot just has 45 places and then the doors close!   60 drawings, 22 paintings, 300 prints or drawings, to mark the 350th anniversary of his death in 1669 in a festive, grand way.

Step 1. Look at the Rijksmuseum web site for availability,

Step 2. Contact Drs Kees Kaldenbach for his availability for your VIP visit,

Step 3. Make both bookings for Rijksmuseum and your guide!

Guiding in fluent English, Deutsch, Nederlands.

The Denial of St Peter, normally exhibited in Dordrecht Museum. To the right, etching of the Three Crosses, Crucifixion.

Do you want a visit when the halls are still quiet? I strongly advise to book ASAP especially the 9 AM slot. And to be there to meet me at 8.55 latest. Look for tall man in red coat at the normal entrance, downstairs !

In the many halls the organisation is thematic, not chronologic.  Paintings (22) and some 300 etchings and drawings are freely mixed.

Your normal museum ticket of E 20 gives entry to the entire Rijksmuseum, but for the All Rembrandts you need the time block ticket as well. You may choose to do the temporary exhibition first, or the rest of the museum first with Vermeer, Hals etc etc.


Drs Kees Kaldenbach: „…he is wildly overqualified to be a guide . That is his secret… Trust me on this.” Gabe. Statement made February, 2017.

Review after the tour: “Dear Drs Kaldenbach, We enjoyed our morning in your company. Our appreciation of Rembrandt’s etchings was very much enhanced by your detailed descriptions of both the technique of etching, and also the way Rembrandt had perfected his skill to become the pre-eminent master in this medium. We also found your discussion of Vermeer’s paintings very informative. We learned a lot during what was a memorable tour with you. Thank you again. Kind regards, Cynthia and Peter.”


Study of legs. Red crayon. Rembrandt.

Study of nude male, Rembrandt.

Remarkably lifelike study of a lion by Rembrandt. Compare to other artists who botch it up.

Another Jewish Bride. According to the exhibition it shows Saskia, as Rebecca. By Rembrandt.

The jaw-dropping Hundred Guilder Print by Rembrandt. Hundred guilders was 1/3 of an annual income for a trained worker in those days.

Rembrandt, self portrait in sudden amazement. He made the largest number of Self-Portraits in those days. Expressive or inward looking or haughty or silly…

Detail of Hundred Guilder print. Jesus blessing all.

Three states of this self portrait. Generally the exhibition shows only 1 state of each etching as the very best 0ne.












Detail of self portrait at age 20. Note scratchings in wet paint.

Syndics / Masters of the Cloth Guild, plus other work by Rembrandt.