Kees Kaldenbach

Kunstrondleidingen van hoge kwaliteit in Nederlandse musea

en wandelingen in historische stadscentra

Diepe research

Kunsthistorisch onderzoek (niet-Vermeer). O.a. Mannheimer, een James Bond achtig verhaal.

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In the winter of 1885-1886 Vincent van Gogh went to the Antwerp Art Academy. He was the only wild unkempt, older student. The professors insisted he paint following a precise outline. It was a clash of character. He escaped by hiring female models and by painting this 'Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette'. We can examine this painting together in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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Historical re-enactment of Roman life, by fully dressed-up Roman soldiers, and by Roman civilians, both male and female, and by subdued Celtic warriors and civilians. There was even a Celtic grave set-up with a war leader and all paraphernalia. All of this took place in the Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, last Sunday. On normal days no actors, alas, but great for a visit with Private Art Tours. ... See MoreSee Less