A tour [in Delft] with Kees Kaldenbach is a true discovery!
As an art historian who works as a guide, I wanted to increase my knowledge about the city of Delft.
A walk Kees showed his work is invaluable! Kees knows all places in the city related to the life of Johannes Vermeer, as the history of numerous historic buildings and monuments. His vivid way of speaking and his enthusiasm have created three amazing and very instructive hours in this beautiful city!
His private art tour is highly recommended for (art) historians, but also for all those interested in history, art, culture and Dutch heritage.

Anja Ourikh

July 2013: Ricardo N and his wife Francis S. live in New York City and are full-time NYC art aficionados, travelling the world and visiting most of the fine art centers in Europe. In June-July 2013 they toured for three full days with Drs Kees Kaldenbach. Ricardo: “I would rate you as terrific. It is a great treat being with you – You saved my life in showing me the Mauritshuis collection – I thought it was completely closed!”
Francis N.: “Kees is outstanding… he has a very rare gift among any the great number of professional tour guide we met in our lifetime… in presenting a deep and very specific art history knowledge, and in combining this with passion and and easy going presentation.
My husband and I have spent our lives in the art world of NYC and the West Coast. We have rarely met such a wonderful guide. Kees is an outstanding fountain of visual knowledge and historic insight. He truly is top class within the field of Western art history!”


May 17, 2011. Dean Dalton traveled with a group of 7 wealthy people and arranged many months ahead for the Best of the Best in hotels, food, transportation, music and fine art guides. The tour agent wrote to me: “All fascinated and very impressed.” Dean Dalton, tour leader, published this text at http://www.deandaltontours.com/travel-day/70
“Today Kees, our art historian guide took us to the Rijksmuseum to see the highlights of the Dutch Golden Age: Vermeer, Jan Steen, Frans Hals, and Rembrandt. to name only the most important of the lot. A world-renowned Vermeer specialist, he offered unique insights into Vermeer’s The Kitchen Maid (1658-60) and The Little Street (cc. 1658). For the connoisseurs and beyond, Kees’s lecture on the Dutch masterpieces was fascinating. We left the museum feeling fortunate to have had such a scholarly yet personable guide at our disposal.”

Dean, Dean Dalton Tours

Summer, 2007. My husband and I travel the world to stay alive — to see with new eyes and stretch our minds. We love museums and fine food, sometimes stopping at out of the way Michelin-starred restaurants. With Drs. Kees Kaldenbach we had the best of both worlds. During the day we took a car trip to the Kröller-Möller sculpture garden and fine art museum, where we would certainly have missed the hidden staircase leading into the astonishing Jean Dubuffet’s Jardin d’Email without him. Inside the museum, he gave us a humanities course on Impressionist painting, our favourite kind of art.  Later that day we drove to a picture-perfect village between Utrecht and Amsterdam, boasting a fine restaurant with one Michelin star, and there the three of us enjoyed an exquisite meal to end a perfect day.
To fully enjoy Holland, you need a guide like Drs. Kaldenbach.
Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch
President, US-China Education Trust
Washington, DC , USA

Julia (Ambassador), US-China Education Trust
I am sending you the details for Kees Kaldenbach. He is one of the few guides in Europe that I am confident can provide you with the kind of experience you have got used to with me. Like me he is wildly overqualified to be a guide and should be doing something else. That is his secret.
You must book him to take you around the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. He will tell you you have to start early. Do it! He’s worth whatever his fee is! Trust me on this!

Kees Kaldenbach was brilliant. I’m sure that he could have given us a dozen different tours of the Rijksmuseum, given the breadth of the collection. But, he asked our interests and tailored a brilliant and insightful tour to our principal interests.  Response after Tour, 29 March 2017.

Barbara S. (Museum Docent), Tennessee USA

Kees Kaldenbach accompanied a Samuel Courtauld Society visit to Amsterdam and Haarlem in May 2017, to support a Professor from The Courtauld Institute of Art. His organisation was extremely efficient. He was well-informed about the history and culture of the Netherlands across all historical periods, communicating a wealth of up-to-date information in a lively and accessible way.

The Samuel Courtauld Society is the world’s foremost art history university (alumni are found as directors in foremost art institutes worldwide) as well as presenting a collection of fine art in their London, England museum.

Michael Sherry, Head of Communications, Samuel Courtauld Society

Chinese client response:

“On 22 April, my wife and I got a new understanding on Amsterdam with private tour guided by Kees Kaldenbach although we lived in this beautiful city for several years. 四月二十七号,Kees Kaldenbach为我和妻子单独导游了阿姆斯特丹。尽管我们在这座美丽城市生活过多年,我们依然从这次导游中对马姆斯特丹有了新的认识。We have a specific interest on Amsterdam School. Through Wikipedia regarding Amsterdam School, we found this specialized tour regarding Amsterdam School operated by Kees. 由于我们的特定兴趣,从Wikipedia我们发现了Kees提供的阿姆斯特丹建筑学派导游活动。We communicated our specific interest to Kees weeks prior to the tour. 出发前我们和Kees沟通了我们的兴趣。

When we met up with Kees, he already did his research in public archive and relevant websites. The findings are very much exceeding my expectation and helped me tremendously for the understanding of Amsterdam School and our specific interests.

We enjoyed the tour because of high enthusiasm and broad knowledge of Kees regarding Amsterdam School and this fabulous city!
Kees热情洋溢的讲解和他对阿姆斯特丹学派的知识让我们非常享受这次游览!No doubt that Kees guides professional tours.
Kees导游是非常高的专业水平。But if you have specific interests or requirements on the area or Amsterdam School, please tell and hire Kees. He is able to address your needs in a way that no others could do better!

Wei Zhang

Also great to meet you and again our thanks for a wonderful day in Amsterdam with you, especially getting to know Vermeer with your amazing knowledge, we found it all quite fascinating. Thank you.
Hope we can do it again in the not too distant future.


August 2016. We would be very pleased to write our comments. I wanted to also send a note of thanks. You had a magical way of bringing the paintings to life and creating an interesting story that left us wanting more. You made a significant impact on Hannah. She shared at dinner tonight that she misses you. We are retelling stories already. Thank you again.


Dear Drs. Kees: “I cannot thank you enough for opening our eyes to the wonders of your lovely country and the 3 greatest museums in the Netherlands. You not only told us how Vermeer must have used the Camera Obscura as a tool to paint his masterpieces, you allowed us “an actual glimpse into the Camera Obscura” where everything is more clear and a bit brighter as you taught us to view the Vermeer’s, Rembrandt’s and indeed all art with a more practiced eye!
Thank you again, for making our journey a once in a lifetime experience and for your sense of humor and professionalism which contributed to everyone’s enjoyment and 100% pure fun.
We traveled on to the Mauritshuis at De Hague and did indeed view the “Girl with the Hollow Silver Ball Earring” as well as “View of Delft”. For a few minutes, we considered traveling to Delft to compare the picture with today’s Delft, but were soon advised of the unsuitability of this venture….the city cannot accommodate a coach as it’s lanes are too narrow and, of course, the time constraints. Perhaps next time.
Best regards to you and yours,
Debra Roberts
Trip Chairman
Antique Study Club of Tulsa, OK. May 2, 2010

Debra, Antique Study Club of Tulsa

After lecturing in Atlanta, Georgia: „We wanted to express our gratitude for the insightful lectures you gave on Rembrandt at Oglethorpe University Museum of Art in honour of our celebrating his 400th Birthday with the special exhibition: “Sordid and Sacred: the beggars in Rembrandt’s etchings”.
Your skilful presentations captivated our record-breaking audience.  These fine lectures were able to be appreciated on several levels from novice to professional.  Your lectures have a rare quality of being soundly based on your thorough study of Rembrandt, mixed with your keen, first-hand observation and your quick, fluid creative assessments and solutions to visual questions.
Above all you are highly attentive to your audience by involving them into your lecture.
Thank you again for your visit.
Respectfully yours,
Lloyd Nick
Oglethorpe University Museum of Art”

Lloyd, Oglethorpe University Museum of Art

Kees Kaldenbach is the most interesting art guide I know. I did several tours with him, he is really inspiring and one of the best educated art historian in town. He specialises in Johannes Vermeer, but going out to into towns for a tour is also nice. His knowledge and overview are excellent and besides that he has a great sense of humour. Never a dull moment with Kees!


My husband and I took a guided tour of the Rijksmuseum with Kees. It was fantastic. He is a fount of knowledge and insight. I am an artist and Kees happily tailored our visit to the art we were interested in exploring. A highlight was our in-depth discussion of Vermeer and his paintings. Kees is a Vermeer scholar and we had fun discussions about the paintings and Vermeer’s technique. I highly recommend Kees for any guided art-focused tour.  JD

JD Hansen, Sculptor, California, USA
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Dear Kees,
Many thanks for your recent tour of the Rijksmuseum. You have a profound knowledge of the paintings which we saw and communicated that knowledge in a lively and enlightening manner. You brought out many fascinating details which most would overlook. The tour was a memorable event and a high spot of our trip to the Netherlands.
Ben Wells
Houston, Texas
24 may, 2017.

Ben Wells, Houston, TX