Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels

Belgian Royal Museums of Fine Arts, ‘BOZAR’

A visit with your own art historian, traveling in for you.

Join me for a visit to the Belgian Royal Museums of Fine Arts.   I will be your private professore, travelling in from Amsterdam, Holland specially for you.

Tour by Drs Kees Kaldenbach, a professional Art History scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Fine art and Design, Architecture and History. VIP entry. Entry best at from 9 or 10AM.

Please note, this is a high level offer. Practicalities: I live in Amsterdam, Holland and do NOT run a travel agency.  I do however provide Fabulous international museum tours. The plan is that you contract me for one or more days as your private ‘Professore’ and offer full transport to that city, plus hotel accommodation in the same place you will stay. We will spend quality time together in mornings and early afternoons.


History: In 1830, Belgium became independent from Holland, and in a program for increasing national pride, it was decided in 1845 by Royal Decree that a museum was to be founded, with works of art of Belgian Artists.

There are now six museums under the umbrella of the Royal Museums, three of them interconnected in the same grand building.
The Royal Fine Art Museum owns over 20,000 drawings, sculptures, and paintings. The museum has an extensive collection of Flemish painting, including paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Anthony van Dyck, and Jacob Jordaens. The museum also proudly shows the “Rubens Room”, with over 20 paintings by the Antwerp artist.

Belgium itself consists mainly of two language regions: Flanders and Walloon. Note that in the museum, Walloon art group is almost absent!

Breughel, Fall of the Angels

Breughel, Fall of the Angels, detail.

Jordaens, feast.

Rubens, portrait heads. Is it four times the same man?

Looking down from the painting gallery to the lower level.

Breughel, Bethlehem, detail.

The truly outstanding collections of Flemish art, called Flemish Primitives, (Rogier van der Weyden, Robert Campin, the Master of Flémalle), Dutch art.

Belgian applied arts design is well represented, especially the Art Nouveau period. Many departments of design show objects and jewerly.

One of the almost hidden parts of the National Museum  is the outstanding Magritte collection.

Entrance on “Art Mountain”.

Business card. The logo refers to Vermeer.


Overview of International tours (outside Holland).


A metro ride away is the Jubelpark, celebrating 100 years of statehood with  XXL museums paid for with imports from the Congo Colony. There are still conflicting feelings about the King who owned these lands: King Leopold II. He considered it his private area and gave his caretakers orders to chop off hands to keep order. As window-dressing he acted indignant about Arab slave trade.


We may also see a sculpture mural by Jef Lambeaux, which has stayed firmly and prudishly locked (not even a peep hole!) for many decades because the marble frieze was thought too erotic, too nude and exuberant. I will explain this closure: a result of Roman Catholic church influence and later also Muslim influence.


Tour by professional Art History scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Fine art and Design, Architecture and History. VIP entry.

Drs Kees Kaldenbach: „…he is wildly overqualified to be a guide . That is his secret… Trust me on this.” Gabe. Statement made February, 2017.