National gallery / State Art Museum, Copenhagen

Statens Museum for Kunst

A visit with your own art historian, flying in for you.

Extravaganza of Dutch art in Copenhagen.

10 Must-see paintings.

Join me for a visit to the fabulous Statens museum, Kopenhagen, to study fine art. I will be your private professore, flying in from Amsterdam, Holland specially for you.

Tour by Drs Kees Kaldenbach, a professional Art History scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Fine art and Design, Architecture and History. VIP entry. Entry best at from 9 or 10AM.

1. Expensive option: You can hire me and I will fly in to be your own outstanding private “Professore”. At your cost, I will fly in especially for you and I will guide you after spending a hotel night. And then a very memorable museum visit or two.

2. Less expensive option: I know many first-rate art historian colleagues all over Western Europe. Therefore I know just the company/guide to arrange an excellent museum visit for you. I work very closely with these art history women and men and they are brilliant.

Gijsbrechts going wild on a Still Life, Sort of a Pinboard.

The museum owns almost 9,000 paintings and sculptures, approximately 240,000 works of art on paper. The Danish kings initially owned the major part of the museum’s older collections. In their Kunst ind Wunderkammer: the Kunstkammeret.

Gerhard Morell became Keeper of Frederick V’s Art Chamber in 1750. He suggested that the king create a separate collection of paintings. To ensure high quality, the king then purchased Italian, Netherlandish and German paintings. In particular excellent Flemish and Dutch art. The most important purchase during Morell’s term as keeper was Christ as the Suffering Redeemer by Andrea Mantegna. ‘Det Kongelige Billedgalleri’ (Royal Art Gallery) was housed in Christiansborg Palace until 1884 when the castle burnt down. It took 5 years before the art had a new home.

There is a fair share of nudity in the art. We may discuss why this came to be.


Classicist taste: Abildgaard, Wounded Philictetes. All things Greek were wonderful.

Jacobsen, Danish design.

A open boat or covered boat tour at Nyhavn.

Fans of ice cold neoclassical sculpture may join me to the odd Thorvaldsen Museum. The sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen lived and worked in Rome for most of his life (1796–1838).

Abilgaard: Ymer kicks faun out of Omfale’s bed, 1777. Atta! Good riddance!

Christen Købke, Nude Figure. Nudity is accepted as part of normal life.

Abildgaard – Ymer values the cow Ødhumbla, ca. 1777. More nudity.

Cutting edge Mannerist art from Holland, c. 1570

Female Portrait, interesting frame with gothic script.


Business card. Museum visits.

Please note, this is a high level offer. Practicalities: I live in Amsterdam, Holland and do NOT run a travel agency.  I do however provide Fabulous international museum tours.

The plan is that you contract me for one or more days as your private ‘Professore’ and offer full transport to that city, plus hotel accommodation in the same place you will stay. We will spend quality time together in mornings and early afternoons.

Tour by professional Art History scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Fine art and Design, Architecture and History. VIP entry.

Drs Kees Kaldenbach: „…he is wildly overqualified to be a guide . That is his secret… Trust me on this.” Gabe. Statement made February, 2017.

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