Front entrance, Mauritshuis. Photo Kaldenbach.

Mauritshuis live Zoom visit

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Author Kaldenbach lecturing in front of Vermeer

Vermeer, View of Delft, 1660-1661

The Mauritshuis Royal Collection of Paintings in The Hague, Holland is one of the great art treasure houses of the world. Small but exquisite, comparable with the Frick Collection in NYC and the Villa Borghese museum in Rome, it exhibits only the best of the best. Vermeer, Rembrandt, Potter, Hals, Flemish Primitives…and more.

“The lectures continue to inform and entertain…I’m already getting rave reviews”. Sarah, a private art group now taking their 7th consecutive class with Drs Kaldenbach. September 2020.


I will let you in on research on the great Vermeer painting View of Delft. Super high-resolution digital images.

Enjoy a Mauritshuis Zoom visit from the privacy of your home, with your own gifted art teacher with 20 years of experience. Invite a number of friends to enjoy the same Zoom lecture at the same moment, and hear their input. Make an appointment!  Please note the 6 hour difference between Amsterdam and USA East Coast.

Private class, at your convenience, simultaneously for 1 to 99 of your friends.

Fabritius, The Goldfinch. A bird trained to fetch water in a mini pail.

Children scared by the Rembrandt Anatomy lesson

Rembrandt, old and weary of life.


A brand new Powerpoint class with excellent Hi-Res images.

Learn all about this Fabritius masterwork

45 years of research into Vermeer, View of Delft. Co-published with Arthus K. Wheelock of the National gallery, Washington DC.

Feedback, 31 July 2020, from Carnegie museums of Pittsburgh after my class on Van Gogh: “The class was a great success, and we would love to work on scheduling another class with you featuring Vermeer and Rembrant.”.  Feedback 25 August 2020: “You are our most popular presenter and we will book you for many more presentations.”

Feedback August 2020 from Providence Art Club, with a rich history of 140 years of lectures: “Your class was extremely well received, we will make more bookings this year.”

Feedback, August 2020 from the Arts society Sebarts .org in Sebastopol, California. “We loved your Zoom classes and will book more!”.


Houckgeest, New Church, Delft

Childrens drawing on Houckgeest, New Church, Delft

Restoration, Rogier van der Weijden.

Paulus Potter, the all-time favourite. Stolen by French soldiers and subsequently stolen back by Dutch soldiers.