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Mondrian aka Mondriaan has become one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century.

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Mondrian in an expressive dance posture.

Presentation 1, Young Mondrian describes how the books of cult leader madame Blavatsky drew him into the sphere of Theosophy. This led to a great series of inspired works of art. The art collector Slijper amassed the worlds largest Mondrian collection in the world and I will explain how all works went in the end to the Kunstmuseum, The Hague (formerly named Gemeentemuseum). In this class I will lead you through his astounding development, and will explain the Tree series and the Pier and Ocean series and how these two led to the final world famous art with stripes and colour fields with pure primary colours. These paintings are NOT abstract but according to Mondrian more real than what you and I see all around us. High-Resolution images. Mondrian left explanations about his work in the art magazine De Stijl, but his own writings are hard to understand. He used his own dark vocabulary.

Mondrian, Broadway Boogie Woogie. Coll MoMa, NYC, Rhythmic NYC street patterns.

Lozenge shaped Mondrian, purely with verticals and horizontals representing masculine energy and female energy. Used by civil servants in Hilversum town hall as a screen at knee level against draught. Collection Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Presentation 2. Mondrian’s adult life, Paris-NYC.  From Paris in the Rue du Depart up to his end in New York City.  I show not only the scale model but also my own colour photographs of the full-size mockups once exhibited of his apartment and art objects in in Rue du Depart, Paris. This allows you to walk around like never before. This apartment was in constant flux, with cardboard patterns on the wall changed as he felt the need.  We look at the adult style with the final world famous art with stripes and colour fields, using only primary colours and stripes. The very last part of the presentation shows two incredible works of art, reflecting New York city life.  Broadway Boogie Boogie now in the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. And Victory Boogie Woogie, now in the Kunstmuseum, The Hague. These two show that Mondrian had new ideas and practices. High-Resolution images.

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Feedback December, 2020: “Hello Jeannette, Today’s webinar was absolutely wonderful.. content, delivery. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the hour.. When the professor asked if he could go longer, I was inwardly yelling. “Yes, please!!! “This professor is wonderful..a natural teacher and obviously an expert on Van Gogh and the time. Makes me yearn for my college days. I truly hope you will keep me in mind for future presentations like this.”


Rietveld Chair and Mondriaan paintings, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Both part of De Stijl movement.

First edition of De Stijl magazine, editor Theo van Doesburg. This magazine helped to promote modern art throughout the modern world.