Rijksmuseum – Cape of Good Hope

‘Goede Hoop’ Exhibition on a tense relationship between South Africa and Holland

Exhibition now closed. Welcoming clients for a city walk, theme United East India Company.



Khoisan drawing of settlers from the North, the female with dominant arms akimbo.

Beeckman, Khoekoe man with stick and ostrich feather

Beeckman, Khoekoe woman, breast feeding her baby. What she is holding up is unclear.

This was an excellent, well researched historical exhibition in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam on the relationship in Cape of Good Hope, between indigenous peoples (KhoiSan) and the incoming Dutch and English settlers. Exhibition is open from February, and closes May 21, 2017.

Please note this was a presentation about objects, panoramas, drawings, photographs, which shed light on the settling process… how the indigenous peoples and the settlers viewed each other.

Your tour guide, Drs Kees Kaldenbach was present at the grand opening night of this exhibition and has been to South Africa on three different occasions for extensive travels. He now offer you an excellent guided tour inside, lasting about one hour.

Best entry time at 9 AM. Later times also possible up to 2 PM.

Exhibition design, Rijksmuseum. It evokes anger; lots of anger about in SA.

Beads, produced in Amsterdam to serve as barter objects in South Africa. Archeological find. According to the exhibition maker the most emotional exhibit.

Khoisan group with buffaloes

The giraffe shot by Gordon. It died looking Gordon in the eyes.

Jan van Riebeeck, founder. Initially the peacemaker

Local critters, by Gordon.

Boer War leader Christiaan de Wet

Crossing the river with Oxcart. ‘Ossewa’.

Poem by Ingrid Jonker, once read aloud by Mandela after the takeover in one of the first official meetings.

Race segregation. Girl sits on the White bench, black caretaker is only allowed behind.

Rijksmuseum exhibition opening discussion: Hans Goedkoop, Martine Gosselink and Adriaan van Dis

Pretty good scientific exhibition catalogue.

Dutch or English ship, Koisan drawing on a rock face.




Gordon’s map. Although his name sounds English, he was Afrikener Dutch.

Cape region, Gordon’s map. Extremely precise. Gordon was about as good as James Bond.