A surprisingly small high-definition scene painted by Dutch artists Alma-Tadema. His works have been described as ‘Marbellous’. Good planning: he added Alma to his last name to end up as nr 1 under letter A in art catalogue listings.

Devlish forse grabs innocent sweet Salambbo. Inspired by the novel by Gustave Flaubert, the story is set in Carthage, North Africa, 3rd C BCE. Tittilating it was indeed: indiscriminate violence and sensuality is prevalent throughout the novel.

By Onslow, sculptor. A nude 11 year pre-pubescent girl, quite undressed, for all to see. Present day works of art like this, produced now, would get enormous flak. The artists called the scene ‘Snowdrift’. Could one argue this is early child porn or is it elevated high art?

In 1892 Frederic Lord Leighton, President of the Royal Adademy in London, painted Hesperides. Languid these three scantily dressed young beautiful nymphs, sunset goddesses, are good at relaxing. Do we hear “male gaze” ?

Daphnephoria, or Laurel bearer, reminds us of a religious festival in honour of Apollo. This XXL painting also by Frederic Lord Leighton. The glass in front of it is not entirely helpful for viewing.