The Walker Art Gallery presents excellent collections of Victorian artists including Royal Academy artists such as Frederic, Lord Leighton; furthermore a good sprinkling of Pre-raphaelites and a smaller holding of international artists of many centuries  . Initially funded by the Liverpool brewer Walker, it opened 1877.  Building and collections were much extended in the following decade.

Walker art gallery: Detail of a 1877-78Leighton painting: Elijah in the Wilderness. Here his fleeing from Jezebel the Killer.  An angel provides sustenance.

Lucien Freus paints the photographer Diamond. After WW2 the nation’s artists were trying to get a new foothold after so much destruction and bloodshed.

Leighton: 1891 Perseus, son of Danae and Zeus, about to kill the very dangerous Gorgon Medusa, who would kill all that looked at him/her.

Ford Madox Brown, detail of the Coat of many Colours, referring to Jacob’s dream after he was sold into slavery. The painter researched Middle Eastern images available to him.

Many galleries have been built. This one for the older fine art.

A corner of the Pre-Raphaelite room, with to the left Waterhouse scene with nymphs.