Side trip to the Art Gallery Manchester.

Philosophy…My educators tole me: If you cannot say anything nice about somebody, or something, you should probably say nothing at all. Yet my toes curl here…See the captions for my personal viewpoints.

The Art Gallery of Manchester, England, moved and reopened  1882; it is a short train trip away from Liverpool. The gallery has fine art collection consisting of more than 2,000 oil paintings, 3,000 watercolours and drawings, 250 sculptures, 90 miniatures and around 1,000 prints.

Francis Derwent Wood, Atlanta, c 1907. “Perceived as modern muscular”. In 2019 I witnessed a school class of about 10 year old muslim boys spotting this sculpture and getting the thrill of a lifetime.

William Etty, The Sirens and Ulysses (detail) 1837. They are trying to let Ulysses sail into the rocks, but do not succeed.

Birmingham Art Gallery, NOT to be confused with Birmingham Museum.

Ford Madox Brown. Work, painted between 1852-1856. This painting requires close reading and pondering. It is an image of society as a whole.

British Navvies hard at work, in Ford Madox Brown. Work, detail.

Street girl pulling boy’shair in Ford Madox Brown. Work.

William Holman Hunt, The Light of This World, 1951-1856. Outdoor, moonlight. Christ wearing a crown.

William Holman Hunt, The Hireling Shepherd, 1851 (detail). The flock goes astray due to lack of serious attention of the male + female. Bad work ethic.

William Holman Hunt, The Scapegoat (detail) 1854-55. Dead sea and Atonement. Referrals to Christ.

Frederic Lord Leighton, an XXL painting of Captibve Andromache, ca 1888. Shown here is Hector her husband, with premonition of doom.

Dutch gallery: Jan Miense Molenaer, 1635, Child in trouble, school master punishes. Harsh beatings were considered normal.

Soul searching by the staff: do we want too how this male chauvinist sexist art? Out with it! Middle background Roman Chariot Races, c 1882, by Alexander von Wagner.

Heavy stairwell in the old entrance. Shown here is bad male-dominated art. Be aware.

John William Waterhouse, Hylas and the Nymphs, 1896. Water Numphs try to keep the Argonaut Hylas from dong his manly task. Transfixed, he drowned. Lots of female sensuousness. Removed in the quest to get rid of male chauvinist Porn. There was a serious backlash and an the press reported: Feminism gone Mad. The painting was back in the gallery after a week of uproar.