Pieter Bruegel the Elder, two excellent Zoom Powerpoints


Available from today: two Zoom performances, entirely live, presenting two excellent Pieter Bruegel the Elder Zoom Powerpoints, of about one hour each, based on extensive literature and the best visual sources.

Nr 1. The popular works. General overview of his Folkish vernacular art of dancing farmers, with added fine art with the Landscape Series. Yet he was not an ill educated landsman but a well educated humanist thinker. He got caught in turmoil: the landslide conflict between the Roman Catholic local Habsburg authorities on one side and the new Protestant Reformation teachings of Luther and Calvin.

Nr 2. Tower of Babel (Vienna) and Tower of Babel (Rotterdam) as architectural wonders, reflecting his travels to Italy, specifically the Coliseum, Rome. These intricate, fascinating, hallucinating paintings can be studied for a long long time. In the lecture I will add my knowledge about mediaeval cathedral building practices.






The art docent is based in Amsterdam, Holland, thus 6 hours difference from Eastern Standard Time.

Contact: kalden@xs4all.nl

Author Kaldenbach lecturing