Rijksmuseum in early morning light, photo by Kaldenbach

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Live Zoom tours, at a distance


Take thus unique opportunity to visit the masterworks in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum via Zoom, with your own live Professore. Excellent high-resolution images. Each Zoom class is around 1 hour of presentation, then some Question and Answer time.


Asselijn, Swan. Lots to discuss.

Programme 1. The absolute Rijksmuseum highlights. Introduction to the museum with Exterior and interior. Vermeer masterworks. Rembrandt masterworks including Jewish Bride and the Night Watch. Painter Asselijn: The Swan. Painter Jan Steen: Lord Mayor/Coeser sitting in front of his Delft home, ignoring a beggar family. The best and biggest ship model in the world. The famous Dolls Houses. Excellent high-resolution images. Each class is around 1 hour of presentation, then Question and Answer time.


The world’s greatest model of an ‘Indiaman’ ship, late seventeenth century.

Programme 2. Rijksmuseum, Other Great Masters. Historic photos of the Rijksmuseum. The historic Library. Landscape masters: the best Hobbema and Pijnacker paintings. The best preserved set of 3 Antwerp portrait paintings by Jordaens. Nineteenth century emotional drama with Nuijens and Pieneman. Finally still life by Claes Heda.  And the extraordinary Torrentius one-of-a-kind oil painting image made without brush strokes. Excellent high-resolution images. Each class is around 1 hour of presentation, then Question and Answer time.


Kamensetzer, signed with a chimney = kamin. Birth of Christ.

Programme 3. Rijksmuseum, Middle Ages and the Dr Fritz Mannheimer collection. Historic photos. Elks antler, carved 1100 with the weirdest provenance list you have ever seen, including Hitler. Then the Haarlem painter Geertgen, a lengthy restoration getting wildly out of hand. Then the Master of Alkmaar, Seven works of Mercy, attached during the Iconoclasm, with a more limited restoration. Jesus’ birth is shown in the Kamensetzer Nativity. A unique rarity is the Rock crystal Map of Spain with gold and Lapis Lazuli. Finally Crivelli’s masterpiece of the Penitent Magdalen. Excellent high-resolution images. Each class is around 1 hour of presentation, then Question and Answer time.

Programme 4. Rijksmuseum presenting Colonial history and Slavery.  As a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, more attention is now given to the painful pages in our national history. The Rijksmuseum has numerous objects and other visual material illuminating this history. In 2021, The Rijksmuseum will present an exhibition on this theme. Right now, I present a preview. Again this is a 1 hour Zoom programme with a thorough historical background in trade as a backbone. Followed by Q and A,

If you are located on the USA east coast, the best lecture time is  your 10 AM which equals my 4 PM Amsterdam time.

European clients may choose any daytime hour.

Feedback December, 2020: “Hello Jeannette, Today’s webinar was absolutely wonderful.. content, delivery. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the hour.. When the professor asked if he could go longer, I was inwardly yelling. “Yes, please!!! “This professor is wonderful..a natural teacher and obviously an expert on Van Gogh and the time. Makes me yearn for my college days. I truly hope you will keep me in mind for future presentations like this.”


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Follower of Geertgen tot Sint Jans, Kinship of Jesus.


Elk antler, carved ca 1100. Purchased by Mannheimer. After his death purchased by Hitler. Recuperated after WW2.

Detail of the world class Oortman Dolls House.

Crivelli, detail of Mary Magdalen, an egg tempera masterwork also from the Mannheimer collection.

Claesz. Detail of the still life with Turkey Pie.

Asselijn, Dike failure near Amsterdam. This sort of event is one of the big worries in a nation that is largely below sea level

Hobbema, detail of a farm scene with live music.

Metsu, Sick child, detail. There is a marked influence of Metsu on the work of Vermeer.