Velasquez, Self portrait, Valencia.

Velázquez, an excellent Powerpoint presentation

Velasquez, detail from Las Meninas. Prado.

Velázquez, the Spanish painter (1599-1660), lived exactly in the same period as the Dutch 17thC Golden Age artists, and he is (I must grudgingly admit) as good as the very best Dutch artists. He is up there in the international artistic heaven with Caravaggio, Rubens, Van Dyck… In this live powerpoint presentation lasting for about 1 hour, using Zoom, I will show you the very best of his works in Hi-Res images of the masterworks listed below. With live commentary, and I can answer any question during the presentation.

Early Bodegon Still lives, 1618 and later. Two-for ones with biblical scenes.

The Triumph of Bacchus (1628) celebrating the God of Wine and boozing street characters in Madrid.

Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan (1629) a fine History work.

The Surrender of Breda (1634-1635) showing magnanimity by the Spanish victors. They would get kicked out of The Netherlands soon again!

Portrait of Juan de Pareja, bought by the MMA for almost 5.5 Million US Dollars in 1970. As good as Rembrandt!

Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1650) probably one of the most vibrant and flaming ones in art history.

La Venus del espejo, The Rokeby Venus (1647-1651) a nude fashioned after an ancient Greek sculpture.

The Spinners, Las Hilanderas (before or after his Rome trip, 1650) with much intelligent complication.

Las Meninas (1656). Showing art life in Court life. Amazing!

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