Bet van Beeren, champion of lesbians and gays, has been honoured with a bridge name close to her cafe on Zeedijk.

Zizo, LGBT magazine from Belgium

Anti gay marriage poster in Rome


Guess what this ‘pissoir’ was used for – outside of just peeing from the 1850s?

The first gay monument in the world, off Westerkerk.

Homomonument, flowers to pay respect.

For Friendship such a Boundless Longing. Quotation from a poem, by Jacob Israel De Haan, engraved in the gay monument.


Cafe ‘t Mandje = The Basket, a lesbian/gay chapter in Amsterdam life. Original in the Amsterdam Museum.

Cafe “Het Mandje” = The Basket. Two locations in the city.

Hearts Day, Hartjesdag painting in Amsterdam Museum, Queens birthday with a license to do odd things.

Hartjesdag explained

Atria knowledge centre, with an image of Aletta Jacobs, hero of Women’s Rights movement