Amsterdam Medical tour

Highlights of Medical science in Amsterdam


Rembrandt, Anatomy by Dr Tulp, Mauritshuis, The Hague

Anatomy by Drs De Jager, showing a simplistic setup.

Textbook by Boerhaave, translated into Japanese

Gay life de-criminalised, The Schorer Foundation for Heath information regarding gay health, the first worldwide, at Wolvenstraat 17.

Waag building at Nieuwmarkt housing the Theatrum Anatomicum.

Dr Herman Boerhaave, epoch making medical doctor in Leiden.

Sculptural skeleton setup by Frederik Ruysch.

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek looked at all things in his microscopes, including human sperm, result of an “involuntary nocturnal emission”.

Jacob Schorer, champion of gay health and information rights.

Washing one’s hands when leaving the anatomy theatre and entering the ObGyn rooms. Crazy ny fad by Semmelweis?

Death around the corner. Black death in Amsterdam, 1655.

Hippocrates, the one of the Do-Only-Good-Oath, and Galenus, the one of Four Humores: Blood, Yellow Bile, Black Bile, Phlegm.

Plate for Medical textbooks, by Jan Wandelaar

Waag building at Nieuwmarkt, Theatrum Anatomicum. Again Hippocrates.