Windmill near Alkmaar. Is this one a water pump windmill or a grain windmill ?

Holland Water Engineering Now!


The Dutch population is living in an extremely wet, soggy peat landscape in the Western part of their nation. Much of it is now below sea level and at peril. How did Water Management Engineers create relative safety in the western part of Holland and which challenges are we facing now ? How did we get from being a woodland above sea level to a soggy grass land below sea level ?

We will discuss the stupendous engineering projects.

What does the rise in ocean water spell ?

A live presentation via Zoom by art historian Drs Kees Kaldenbach. Email

A Powerpoint presentation with live commentary.


Hans Brinker puts his finger in a dike. Saving the nation. From the novel Silver Skates.

Waterstaat is a powerful State within the Dutch State. The engineers rule dikes, pumps, levies, sluices and extend their power to the road system.

A sluice in the Zaan river, at Zaandam.

Is this a water pump windmill or a grain windmill ?

The present day sea coast with fine sand and dunes was created about the year 1000.

A unique rain water fed river rising well ABOVE the landscape. Amstel river near Amsterdam