Unique medical atlas on child Somatotyping, out of print. For sale. Very rare. Not child pornography.


PETERSEN, G. Atlas for Somatotyping Children. Assen, The Netherlands. Charles C Thomas, Publisher / Royal Van Gorcum Ltd., Publishers, 1967. Pp (12),1-244. Out of print.

Photogrammetric overview of rural Children and pubescent boys and girls, Utrecht province in The Netherlands, early 1960s.

Buy the weirdest of weird medical books.   C 560 photographs in b/w of full frontal nude children and pubescents – all published with the consent of their parents. A small privacy bar sometimes shields their eyes.

This book shows the relaxed way in which Holland dealt with nudity including child nudity.

Bizarre treasure trove for those with unusual tastes. Going against the grain of current morality on children + nakedness which can be rather hysterical.

A typical double page in this atlas

Chapter 4: “In view of the fact that constitution is of vital importance in assessing the developmental possibilities of children, and is detectable by somatotyping, it was decided, since standardized soma-totype photographs of children were lacking, to collect the required documentation relative to physique in childhood and adolescence. To this end out of a group of approximately 12000 children, every child showing an illustrative or striking build was selected in order to be somato-typed photoscopically. The children concerned lived in the central region of Holland under predominantly rural conditions. They were seen in the course of school medical examinations and shortly after photographed at the Institute of Human Biology at Utrecht, according to the earlier described procedure. Of the photographs taken, a few were later found to be less suitable or supernumerary. These photographs were excluded from the atlas. To the thus selected photo-material a number of photographs could be added by courtesy of some colleagues interested in somatotyping.”


Deutsch: Kinder. Koerperbautyp. Somatotypen. Medizinische Photographie. Nackte Kinder.

“An introverted girl, with a profound need of privacy, wholly taken up by her rich fantasy-life and daydreaming.”

Illustrated. 4to, red cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine.On the categorizing of the human physique according to the relative contribution of three fundamental elements, the somatotypes endoderm, the mesoderm, and ectoderm. All Body types. Contents : Preface.

1. Introduction and outline of human constitution.

  1. Somatotyping children : 1. Technical details: a. The pose of the subject for taking pictures of body build; b. Photographic technique. 2. The primary components of physique.
  2. The secondary variables dysplasia, gynandromorphy and texture. 4. Variations within the somatotype owing to age. race and sex. 5. The effects of nutrition, exercise and illness. 3. Atlas of physique in children : 1. Somatotyping map: the scheme of somatotypes illustrated with photographs; 2. The atlas.
  3. Constitutional variation in childhood and adolescence : 1. Somatotype and constitution; 2. Constitution and the professional guidance of children.
  4. Summary and conclusions. Bibliography.

What we would call a fat boy, defined in coded medical terminology


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Pubescent girl. In the 1960 that body shape would be precocious.