Allard Pierson Museum,

The Treasure house of the University of Amsterdam

Guaranteed: A hidden gem…Very few visitors !

Highlights of Antiquity, original objects from world cultures,  Egyptian, Roman, etc.  Full size Plaster Casts of the worlds finest sculpture. Better than a picture book. This little known gem of a museum actually holds internationally renowned collections in the fields of archaeology, history of books, cartography, graphic design, and zoology. Also Jewish cultural history.  This is one of the most important heritage collections in Europe.

Antiquity comes to life at the Allard Pierson Museum. Richly decorated Greek terracotta to Etruscan urns and fragile Roman glassware: original artefacts have much to tell us about Ancient Greece, Etruria (the region in Italy to the north of Rome) and the Roman Empire.
Address: Located in the former Dutch National Bank building at Oude Turfmarkt 127. Near the Flower Market. Buying a dated / time ticket in advance is not necessary. You can buy your  tickets at the building.

You can hire me as your expert guide for I studied Art History and Archaeology.

Completely revamped during the Corona Lockdown. New wings.

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Top floor: Plaster casts.

Top floor: Plaster casts. 10 points for you if you can tell me where, dating etc.

Top floor: Plaster casts.

Top floor: Plaster casts.

Top floor: Plaster casts.

Top floor: Plaster casts.

Top floor: Plaster casts.

This saves you a trip to Mycenae, Greece. I went there when I was young, and can tell you about my adventures there.

Original artefacts, from Antiquity.

Original artefacts, from Antiquity.


Plaster casts, the top 10 Masterworks of the world.

Nike of Samothrake, minus her wings

A lot of disagreement throughout the ages of its origin. Now we know!

This one saves you a trip to Rome. Now we know the dating!

Hermaphrodite. Very woke subject.

Original Roman Harbour scene. Very instructive. Marble slab.

Remake of the house temple to honour Lares and penates.

New annex floors.

Nemrud. Remember Nimrud by Edward Elgar ?

Workshop to put shards together.

Museum logo. It comes in many colours.

Floor plan. Warning: not very good for wheelchairs or those unable to climb stairs.

Front entrance.



Author Kaldenbach lecturing