Galleria Borghese, Rome

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Titian, Sacred and Profane love. What an enormous effort for a male to choose the right type of female partner.



The art works in this Borghese Gallery were collected,  by one of the really great scoundrels of that age, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V. Tough-minded, Borghese stole and extorted whatever he could not legally buy right away.

Scipione Borghese was a major patron of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and the sculptures are displayed here in the spaces for which they were originally intended. Note the 3D effects!

Borghese also avidly collected works by Caravaggio.


Please note, I will be your private Professore, and fly in from Amsterdam, Holland especially for you. Best entry time at 9 AM. Timed tickets must be bought!

Best collection of baroque sculpture anywhere

Very good painting collection exhibited on two floors.

The best Caravaggio collection amassed in one single museum.

Caravaggio, the Christ child killing a snake, being the Devil one may gather.

Titiano, a painting on two kinds of Love, sacred and profane. Men have trouble keeping the two apart.

One of the series of jaw-dropping sculptures by Bernini.



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Business card. The logo refers to Vermeer.