Van Eyck. Portrait.

Van Eyck, Canon Van der Paele, with Virgin Mary and Saints. This Canon Van der Paele was a Vatican apparatschik and generally a Fat Cat. He ended up against his will in this minor city, Brugge, and splurged on a Van Eyck painting.

Van Eyck, The Canon Van der Paele, detail, himself, warts and all. He succeeded in getting world fame after all.

Jan Provoost: Mr Death gets a letter. Does the Sitter want to say positive things about himself?

Jan Provoost: Story in 4 scenes, Mr Death and the Miser. The latter receives a letter.

Outside in Brugge. Nationist Glee in Guldensporenslag, when French nobility was routed by farmers with pitchforks. Cities won.

A Michelangelo still kept in a church in Brugge after having been taken by the Nazis.

City Hall in Brugge

Fairy tale scene in Brugge. The city was restored back over-enthusiastically to resemble Fantasyland.

This canal shows the un-restored beauty of Bruges.

Just outside the Groeninge Museum.



Outside, windy day in Brugge

Huge Belfort in Brugge. Flemish cities vied for greatness in many ways.



Author Kaldenbach lecturing in front of Vermeer


Business card. Lectures & Museum visits.



This trip could be ideally combined with he HUGE altarpiece in Ghent by Van Eyck.