Leiden Museum of Ethnology

Folk art and high art: Indonesia, Japan, Inuit, Pacific, and more

Join me for a visit to a treasure house full of world cultures and a diversity in world peoples, tribes and ancient cultures, represented through objects, models, sculpture, dress, tools etcetera. This museum has re-opend. Please book a time slot ticket for yourself and for the guide. New: Private Audio system available.

Strong collection in Japanese culture with miniature models of housing, fine Buddhist sculpture, extensive presentation of Inuit (eskimo) culture and much more. A museum for the entire family. Comparable to an exciting treasure hunt in grandma’s attic.

For Japanese Culture there is also an outstanding specialised museum within a 5 minute walk.

We can combine this museum with a great city walk in Leiden.

Bali island objects.

Ethnology museum, main entrance, with safari truck.

Inuit hall.

Inuit jacket made from intestines.

Five steps in making aChinese sculpture.

Immortal Mountain, a unique Buddhist object in the western world.

Samurai gear.

The most expensive purchase ever in this museum.

Papua New Guinea objects.

Inca object.

Early Indonesian sculpture, from temples.

Buddah hall, text panel.

Japanese store, miniature model.

Benin royal metalwork.

Inca or Aztec?





Tour by professional Art History Scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Art & World Cultures

Entry best at 10AM-2PM

Drs Kees Kaldenbach: „…he is wildly overqualified to be a guide . That is his secret… Trust me on this.” Gabe. Statement made February, 2017.



Fish market bridge in Leiden

Business card. The logo refers to Vermeer.


Leiden is easy to reach with public transport, by train in half an hour. I hold a Dutch Railways rebate card. For this train tour I can offer you a special rebate of 40% for three separate adult railway tickets. This makes it economical for you as clients. I can join you from your hotel or from the Amsterdam train station.

Various other options are open to you: a) You can hire a car and drive it yourself, and I will join you starting in Amsterdam and will advise you about the best route. b) We can hire a professional taxibus service at around E 70 per hour for about 4 to 5 hours. On top of that you will pay me as the specialist guide. This is the more expensive option.