Leiden: Painting Museum, Lakenhal

The early phase of Dutch painting exhibited in the Woolen Cloth Merchants Hall.

Lucas van Leiden, Last Judgement, Lakenhal museum, Leiden.

At the moment, most museums in the world are either closed or very limited in entry. That is a rough, troublesome time for us art-lovers. But this is also the perfect moment to learn more about a a number of western painters, art schools, era’s etc. I can guide you digitally through many, many art museums on Zoom. With the help of my 10.000+ image bank of my own photographs.


This museum has re-opend. Please book a time slot ticket for yourself and for the guide. New: Private Audio system available. The foremost museum for Leiden Fine School of Painting (Dou, Mieris). In former days the heavy woollen fabric, mainstay of Leiden economy, was  checked here by the guild for quality control.

This museum celebrates the early phase with the huge triptych by Lucas van Leiden, then the blossoming with Rembrandt himself and the most gifted students of Rembrandt such as Gerrit Dou who developed the hi-res photographic style called ‘Leiden School of Fine Painting’. Upstairs we also find the halls where the masters of the black cloth production managed the cloth quality control. The new 20-c art, in De Stijl movement is also represented.

After the reopening of the museum in June, 2019 the most amazing hall is that of the De Stijl school, with its champions Doesburg (the editor of the magazine)  and Bart van der Leck. The portrait of art professor Bremmer senior by his son, Bremmer Junior is very enlightening. His pointillism is an ultra fine variety.

Inside we also find a hidden Roman Catholic church from the time after 1580 when Masses could only be performed in private homes, unseen from the street, and these Masses were more or less condoned by the local city authorities who were Calvinist Protestant.

The museum is a treasure to be tasted!

We may combine this with a fine city walk.


One of the many paintings on the manufacture of woollen cloth for business suits, Leiden

A weaving loom. On the opening day I noticed that the wiring on the upper left side was connected erroneously!

Charley Toorop, the female painter. A chamber screen in expressionistic style.

Three generations of the Van Mieris family

A Van Mieris, without a proper caption on the wall!

H.P. Bremmer, a super fine pointillist work (detail)

Painting by Bremmer junior showing Bremmer senior the art teacher, and on the mantelpiece small Van der Leck pieces.

Doesburg, Self Portrait, in the great Van Doesburg room

Van Doesburg, Sphere (detail) shown rotated.

Gerard You the fine painter, showing a bathing soldier

A ridiculous history piece by Bree. Suffering on an epic scale.

The Van Doesburg room. Excellent presentation!

Van Doesburg, Contra Composition, acquired for mucho money.

Weaving loom. I noticed and reported wrong threading.









Business card. The logo refers to Vermeer.

Tour by professional Art History Scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Leiden art life. Entry best between 11AM-2PM

Tour by professional Art History scholar with excellent teaching skills. Specialist in Fine art and Design, Architecture and History. VIP entry.

Drs Kees Kaldenbach: „…he is wildly overqualified to be a guide . That is his secret… Trust me on this.” Gabe. Statement made February, 2017.


Take a city walk in the historic center of Leiden.