Claesz. Heda, oil or vinegar jug made of glass, misshapen?

Claesz. Heda, Bread, made from grain likely imported from Poland and Germany.

Claesz, pepper in a rolled sheet from an almanac

Claesz Heda, signature and year 1635.

Heda, horizontally a highly ornamented silver cup/chalice

Flask and salt container, Claesz Heda. Salt imported from France?

Claesz Heda, partly peeled lemon, likely imported from France or Italy.

Roemer with prongs, filled with white wine. Claesz Heda. Wine imported from France or Germany?

A Knight. Ornament on top of the silver gilt cup. Claesz Heda.

Simple glass of red wine. Claesz Heda.