Selling Gouda Cheese!

A Gouda walk with an art historian


Gouda is it ! Claims to fame: Gouda is a well preserved atmospheric town situated between The Hague and Utrecht. It boasts the best stained glass of the Netherlands in the St Jan Church (closed Sundays and Mondays! Open the other days o the week).

It is also the proud home of Gouda cheese, Gouda slip-covered pottery, Gouda white clay pipes, Gouda flat crunchy cookies with syrup.

Home at Oosthaven 17 of the lawyer Dirck Coornhert (1622-1590) who claimed that criminals ought to be re-educated, not punished.


See this extra page on the Gouda Museum.


Windmill at Vest, Gouda, near Hollandsche IJssel river flowing into the North Sea

Evil/Mean Neighbour alley, Gouda

Cheese weighing hall, detail

Guide Drs Kees Kaldenbach in action

Lock connecting Oude Rijn to Hollandsche IJssel river. Note the narrow width.

Westhaven, Gouda

Cheese weighing hall, 2021

A peek at the St Jan church

Peperstraat, Gouda

The over-restored City Hall, with some fine period rooms inside.

Windmill at Vest harbour



Civic Guard, group portrait, in Museum

Locally made earthenware, slip-covered, usually in subdued colours.

Gouda, cheese market in action. Note the enormous size and weight of 15 KG.

Fabulous stained glass windows all around. One of the best ensembles in the whole of Europe. Miraculously preserved during the many wars.

Gate to the Gouda Museum, next door to the St Jan church.

Weighing house, mainly for the cheese trade, on market day

The over-restored City Hall.

St Jan church, stained glass heaven

Entrance gate to the museum, next to St Jan church.

Interior, St Jan.

Stained glass, St Jan

Historical sigh, St Jan church