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Great Private Art Tours in various Art Museums, Amsterdam, with VIP entry. And Outside Amsterdam. Enthused art history teacher Drs Kees Kaldenbach. In-depth knowledge.

Great Architectural City Walks

Excellent Architectural walks in Dutch Historic city Centers and in modern city revitalization projects. While walking, we discuss society and history.

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'Vincent’s Bedroom' (1888), in Arles, France.
He painted pink colored floor tiles. According to colour theory, the yellow bed should have a purple background. What we see is blue. However, when we remove the frame and see paint edged not exposed to light, the purple is there!
Come look at it with me in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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In the Van Gogh 'Still Life with Absinthe', he is illustrating how it is meant to be consumed. It should be diluted with water like Anisette.
Van Gogh often met other Impressionists in cafes to talk about life and art. Absinthe was terrible for their health, poisonous after a while as it attacked brain tissue.
Visit this painting with me in the Van Gogh Museum, in Amsterdam.

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