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High quality art tours in Dutch museums
and walks in historic city centers.

Great Private Museum Tours

Great Private Art Tours in various Art Museums, Amsterdam, with VIP entry. And Outside Amsterdam. Enthused art history teacher Drs Kees Kaldenbach. In-depth knowledge.

Great Architectural City Walks

Excellent Architectural walks in Dutch Historic city Centers and in modern city revitalization projects. While walking, we discuss society and history.

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In the winter of 1885-1886 Vincent van Gogh went to the Antwerp Art Academy. He was the only wild unkempt, older student. The professors insisted he paint following a precise outline. It was a clash of character. He escaped by hiring female models and by painting this 'Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette'. We can examine this painting together in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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Historical re-enactment of Roman life, by fully dressed-up Roman soldiers, and by Roman civilians, both male and female, and by subdued Celtic warriors and civilians. There was even a Celtic grave set-up with a war leader and all paraphernalia. All of this took place in the Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, last Sunday. On normal days no actors, alas, but great for a visit with Private Art Tours. ... See MoreSee Less