Moi ? Sais taxman Matthew.

Caravaggio  – two great Powerpoint lectures by Drs Kees Kaldenbach


Pretty boy with fruit. A male playmate?

The man known worldwide as Caravaggio (1571-1610) is considered the world’s most influential painter. He had his best and most controversial production in Rome between c 1594 and 1605. A life full of ambition, prowess, competition.

He also had his enemies. Caravaggio’s main biographers were Mancini, Baglione, Bellori. They critizised his bad  ‘ínvenzione’ his bad ‘disegno’ his shocking lack of ‘decorum’ and general failings in ‘arte’. Be that as it may, he became a fountain of inspiration to a worldwide group of artists. Today we gasp as his risqué life and his blatant use of male and female loverboys and prostitutes as models for religious paintings, intended for churches. Some of his works, like the Palafrenieri Madonna were refused and ended up in great  private collections such as the Borghese.

In making these Powerpoints I have used the very best sharp HiRes visual material.

Refused by the Palafrenieri staff in St Peters basilica, due to lack of ‘decorum’

Powerpoint presentation 1.  Early life. From Milan to Rome. Hooking up with Cardinal Del Monte. Contacts with male and female loverboys and prostitutes. The high point of the presentation is the group in the Francesi church, Three big paintings: Calling St. Matthew; Inspiration St. Matthew; Martyrdom St. Matthew. These were so in-your-face, it drew gasps from visitors from all over the world. Finally we discuss his influence notably on Caravaggist painters from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

In Detroit, teaching about Mary Magdalen.

Powerpoint presentation 2.  Middle and Later life.  We start again from the Francesi Church paintings entering on St Matthew. Then we progress to the Popolo church with Peter’s Conversion in the road to Damascus + Crucifixion St Peter. Next we will discuss how students at a dining hall in Dublin threw wet pieces of bread on a great Caravaggio painting. Next we will discuss the work made in Malta where he fled after he killed another man. There he also laid hands on young Knights-in-training. And escaped without being killed himself.


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