Photo by Kaldenbach of the original festoons of the Delft St Luke Guild, now in the wall of Rijksmuseum. Photo copyright Kaldenbach 2017.

Applied art in  the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum 

  1. Dr Fritz Mannheimer as a Fine Art collector, 1400 items now in the Rijksmuseum.
  2. Christian Mediaeval Art and later Christian art. How faith permeated all aspects of daily life.
  3. Enjoy world-class Applied Art including top-class furniture, goldsmithing, crystal work, and Delft Blue (on this page).
VIP entry, tour with an excellent art historian guide

NEW Claus Sluter, Calvary / Christ on cross with Mary and John. Purchase 2021.

Please note: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam is reopening and due to Corona times, there are new rules of entry. Beforehand on the museum web site buy your tickets for a specific day and specific time block and please add one free ticket for me as your guide (choose the last option I already have a ticket/Voucher). Please bring the resulting PDFs on your electronic device.


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In corona times: Digital Zoom visit.

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Rijksmuseum Specialty Tour 3: World-Class applied Art and Delft Blue and Design


Generally in museums, any object not being a painting or a work of art on paper is considered Applied Art.  The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum is particularly rich in Applied Art. We will enjoy highlights in goldsmithing objects, furniture, design. A whole room has been set aside for Delft Blue. We will discuss its manufacture and commercial success. On the top floor, we can see advanced 20th Century art and design, opening up doors to other designers: Mondrian and even a complete aeroplane.



The world’s best and greatest model of an ‘Indiaman’ ship, late seventeenth century.


Explaining the unique Elks Antler, dating from 1000 – 1100



Globes by Blaeu

Paris goldsmithing at its peak: a reliquary.


A cabinet full of medicines. For lovers of intricate boxes and cabinets.

Van der Schardt, the first self portrait in 3D north of the Alps.

Outstanding Japanese temple Guardians

Elks Antler. he was shot in 1000. Carved in 1100.

Wealth coming in via the United East India Company.

The absolute top of German furniture making: Roentgen desk.

Aquamaniles being discussed.




Private Guided Tour by professional Art History Scholar with excellent teaching skills.  VIP entry. Avoid crowds: Best entry time is 9 AM.

Drs Kees Kaldenbach: „…he is wildly overqualified to be a guide . That is his secret… Trust me on this.” Gabe. Statement made February, 2017.

Mondrian. Detail of the later, abstract paintings which he considered to be more real than realistic paintings.

The type of kiln used in Delftware workshops.

Dated Delft Blue, setting benchmarks.

Rijksmuseum in early morning light, prize winning photo by Kaldenbach

Limoges metalware, christian themes.