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Frankfurt am Main

Jonathan Janson paints in Vermeer’s technique and style and explains through hundreds of sources of how paint was used back then.

Memory of the Netherlands, click and fill out ‘Vermeer’  to get images of paintings without their frames. Alternatively click or ‘Mauritshuis Vermeer’

National Gallery, London,  Vermeer Research link 1.  Vermeer Research link 2.

Witcombe Listing of Vermeer




Mauritshuis Royal Cabinet of Paintings, The Hague, The Netherlands. See also Memory of the Netherlands.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam The Netherlands shows a number of Vermeers in great detail. All the paintings of the Rijksmuseum are now online.

National Gallery of Art Washington, DC

Frick Collection, New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York en 500.000 groot formaat afbeeldingen.

National Gallery, London

Louvre, Paris 

Staatliche Gemaeldegalerie Dresden


Vermeer, one of his late paintings.

Museums with just one fine Vermeer

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien (Vienna)

Herzog Anton Ulrich Musem, Braunschweig, Germany

Her Majesty the Queen of England, Buckingham Palace, London, or Windsor Castle, Windsor.

National Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Staedel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood House, Londen.

National Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland