Vermeer exhibition 2023 – cultural activities


The great Vermeer paintings Blockbuster show is coming up in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, from February 10 through June 4, 2023. Alas!  Vermeer tickets are completely sold out and Friends year pass tickets have been sold out as well.


As a bonus: an Extremely large macro/microscopic image of Vermeer, Girl with Pearl Earring.

Review / Testimony by and art and antique dealer: “Hello Kees,We want to express our greatest appreciation for the wonderful two hours you spent with us. Those two hours significantly enhanced our enjoyment of the Vermeer exhibit that we visited this morning. You are just GREAT! Roger and Carol






Review / Testimonial by Kierstin, March 2023: “Thank you again for such an insightful two hours discussing Vermeer and his mysterious paintings.  I felt especially lucky to have a one on one session so I could ask my many questions, to which you always had an answer!  Visiting the extraordinary exhibition after our discussion truly enlightened my experience and I would not have looked at the artworks the same way, or looked for specific details had we not met.  I am incredibly grateful for your time, knowledge, professionalism, storytelling, etc.  What a treat!  I would highly recommend others to take the time meet with Kees. 😊”

Lecture, March 6, in the Hilton hotel Amsterdam for about 250 members of the American Women’s Club: “Thank you for your time today and sharing your knowledge with us. It was very inspirational and I look forward to seeing the exhibit in May.”

As an art history professional I have studied Delft and Vermeer for the last 40 years and lectured and published extensively. To prepare yourself in the days before: In Amsterdam I offer an At Home preparation class for in-depth study and analysis.  My offer of At Home is here.


Leaning tower of the Old Church.

A walk in the ancient well preserved Delft will also be very educational. More information here Delft Walk: Please note I will have to travel by train from Amsterdam to Delft. A likely starting time is 10.30 if you go there by yourself. Alternatively we could travel together an I can offer you a ticket rebate on the train ride from Amsterdam Zuid (South) railway station.








Business card. The logo refers to Vermeer.

The author Kaldenbach in font of the Vermeer House Historic Marker