Author Kaldenbach lecturing in front of Vermeer

Live kunstlessen, webinars,  tours op afstand, culturele verrijking, Corona / Covid 19. Door de expert cyber docent Drs. Kaldenbach



Take this unique chance to learn more about culture and art and briefly “get out” of your home.

Join me and learn more about art history, a painter or era. Just make an appointment for a day and a time. Enjoy your own class or join friends/family/colleagues. Send me an email at, so we can schedule a time and date. This is your art history platform!


Terugkoppeling, 31 juli 2020, van Carnegie-musea in Pittsburgh na mijn les over Van Gogh: “De presentatie was een groot succes en we zouden graag met jullie werken aan een nieuwe les met Vermeer en Rembrandt.” Feedback 25 augustus 2020: “Je bent onze meest populaire presentator en we zullen je voor veel meer presentaties boeken.”

Terugkoppeling augustus 2020 van Providence Art Club, met een rijke geschiedenis van 140 jaar lezingen: “Je voordracht werd buitengewoon goed ontvangen, we zullen dit jaar meer boekingen maken.”

Feedback, augustus 2020 van de kunstenvereniging Sebarts .org in Sebastopol, Californië. “We vonden je Zoom-lessen heel goed en zullen er meer boeken!”.

“De lezingen blijven informeren en entertainen … ik krijg nu al lovende recensies”. Sarah, een privé-kunstgroep die nu hun 7e opeenvolgende les volgt bij Drs Kaldenbach. September 2020.



Powerpoint programma’s, alle via Zoom:

Three Powerpoint Classes on Rembrandt: Early years, Late years, Etchings.

Three Powerpoint Classes on Van Gogh and Gauguin.

Three Powerpoint Classes on Vermeer: his life (including top works), his love (wife, family life), his women (upper class damsels, which he adored

Frans Hals, master in human expression, precursor to the Impressionists

Three Digital Rijksmuseum tours via Zoom through with live commentary. I will show you my vast collection of photographs taken in those museums.

New. Two fabulous Mondrian Zoom presentations: Part 1 Early life with Theosophy and

Part 2 Later life with Paris and NYC.

New. Seurat and Pointillism.


New. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC


New. Mauritshuis museum, Royal collection of art, The Hague.

New. The best works of Velázquez, the Spanish Court artist.

New Powerpoint: Visit the very best works of Rogier van der Weyden, Flemish Primitive from the era of Jan van Eyck.

New: Two Caravaggio Powerpoint presentations on Caravaggio, early genius, later genius.

New. Caravaggio-Bernini show, 2020, in the Rijksmuseum. In a private class I will explain the Counter-reformation In Rome.

NEW. Beemster polder, UNESCO world heritage site.

The Digital Vermeer House, inventory of his actual interior of 1676. This one you can visit online OR with live commentary.

See my Photo Files, of paintings and sculptures, 10.000+ images, with live commentary.

Or consider looking at the images below as a “Picture party” with live comments by you and your friends  and by me, pooling our resources.

Below are links to enter my collection of 10.000 images….thousands of Photographs of works of art, taken in these museums. I will show these via Zoom as a private class, and give a live commentary. And we will communicate on what you see and perceive and think. Armchair art history, laptop art, iPad art visits.


Vermeer: The Art of Painting. This may be the finest painting in the entire world.

ENGLAND, London, Wallace Collection

ENGLAND, London, National Gallery (via Zoom)

ENGLAND, London, Victoria and Albert Museum (via Zoom)

ENGLAND, Liverpool, Lady Lever art Gallery and Walker Art Gallery plus Manchester Art Gallery

ENGLAND, Birmingham Museum and Barber Institute

ENGLAND, Fitzwilliam, Cambridge

FRANCE, Lille, Beaux-Arts

FRANCE, Museums in Nice

GERMANY, Berlin, Fine Arts, Gemäldegalerie. And Alte Nationalgalerie.

GERMANY, Dresden, Fine Arts, Gemäldegalerie

GERMANY, Frankfurt/Main, Staedel Fine Arts, Gemäldegalerie

GERMANY, Hamburg Kunsthalle

GERMANY, Karlsruhe, Kunsthalle

GERMANY, Kassel, Fine Arts, Gemäldegalerie

GERMANY, Munich, Alte Pinakothek, Gemäldegalerie

GERMANY, Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne (via Zoom)

GERMANY, Köln / Cologne,  Ludwig Museum, Wallraf Museum,

SWITZERLAND, Bern Kunsthaus Museum of Art

SWITZERLAND, Zurich Kunsthaus Museum of Art (via Zoom)

SWITZERLAND, Winterthur Kunsthaus Museum of Art (via Zoom)

SWITZERLAND, Kunstmuseum Basel Plus all outstanding art museums in Bern, Zurich, Winterthur. I have made a week long Reconnaissance trip in the spring of 2018, resulting in outstanding images. (all Via Zoom)


ITALY, Rome,   National Museum of Roman Antiquities,

ITALY, Rome, Galleria  Borghese,

ITALY, Rome,  Palazzo Barberini,

ITALY, Rome,  Arte Moderna.

ITALY, Rome, Galeria Doria-Pamphili (Via Zoom)

ITALY, Naples, Capodimonte Museum, and Caravaggio in Napoli/Naples) (Via Zoom)

SPAIN Madrid, Velasquez  powerpoint

CZECH, Prague, Narodni Gallery and Modern art in Veletržní palác. (via Zoom)

USA, Boston, Mass, Museum of Fine Arts (via Zoom)

USA, Boston, Mass, Gardner Museum (via Zoom)

USA, New York City, Metropolitan Museum of Art & Cloisters Via Zoom

USA, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art (via Zoom)

USA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy Museum (via Zoom)

USA, Williamstown, Clark Museum of Art (via Zoom)

USA, Toledo, OH, Toledo Museum of Art (via Zoom)

CANADA, Toronto, Art Gallery of Ontario (via Zoom)

CANADA, Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum (via Zoom)


For Photos about Museums in Holland click the menu shown above, Other Museums.


Thematic photo portfolios, also live commentary with Zoom:

Van Gogh and Gauguin, 3 powerpoint programmes.

Caravaggio powerpoint programmes.

Velasquez, powerpoint programme.

Gauguin, Impressionism,


Rembrandt, 3 powerpoint programmes.

Rembrandt Blockbuster exhibitions 2019,



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